Mario Izakovic

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Oxygen-free radicals, more generally known as reactive oxygen species (ROS) along with reactive nitrogen species (RNS) are well recognised for playing a dual role as both deleterious and beneficial species. The "two-faced" character of ROS is substantiated by growing body of evidence that ROS within cells act as secondary messengers in intracellular(More)
The development of cancer in humans and animals is a multistep process. The complex series of cellular and molecular changes participating in cancer development are mediated by a diversity of endogenous and exogenous stimuli. One type of endogenous damage is that arising from intermediates of oxygen (dioxygen) reduction—oxygen-free radicals (OFR), which(More)
UNLABELLED The goals of hospitalist programs in the United States include improving the quality of care, patient safety, the efficient use of resources and reducing the variation in diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Hospitalist medicine aims to bring together the concepts of provision of evidence-based medicine as well as the financial considerations(More)
OBJECTIVES Summarize and present benefits of effective management of inpatients in US hospitals by hospitalists and discuss the possible implications for healthcare system in Slovakia. BACKGROUND Inpatient or hospital-based internal medicine started to separate from traditional office-based medicine about a decade ago. Today, hospitalist programs are an(More)
UNLABELLED Healthcare is becoming more complex and costly in both European (Slovak) and American models. Healthcare in the United States (U.S.) is undergoing a particularly dramatic change. Physician and hospital reimbursement are becoming less procedure focused and increasingly outcome focused. Efforts at Mercy Hospital have shown promise in terms of(More)
OBJECTIVES To summarize and analyze the Premier/CMS Hospital Quality Incentive Demonstration (HQID) Project that is being conducted in the U.S. and to propose acceptance and implementation of similar initiatives in Slovak health care. BACKGROUND New trends in the management of hospitalized patients in the United States include standardization of medical(More)
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