Mario Hock

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Newly activated CD8(+) T cells reprogram their metabolism to meet the extraordinary biosynthetic demands of clonal expansion; however, the signals that mediate metabolic reprogramming remain poorly defined. Here we demonstrate an essential role for sterol regulatory element-binding proteins (SREBPs) in the acquisition of effector-cell metabolism. Without(More)
<b>Background:</b> We investigate direct use of 802.15.4 radio signal strength indication (RSSI) for human activity recognition when 1) a user carries a wireless node (device-bound) and when 2) a user moves in the wireless sensor net (WSN) without a WSN node (device-free). We investigate recognition feasibility in respect to network topology, subject and(More)
We investigate the detection of activities and presence in the proximity of a mobile phone via the WiFi-RSSI at the phone. This is the first study to utilise RSSI in received packets at a mobile phone for the classification of activities. We discuss challenges that hinder the utili-sation of WiFi PHY-layer information, recapitulate lessons learned and(More)
Immunogenicity (the development of an adaptive immune response reactive with a therapeutic) is a well-described but unwanted facet of biotherapeutic development. There are commonly applied procedures for immunogenicity risk assessment, testing strategies, and bioanalysis. With some modifications, these can be applied to new biotherapeutic modalities. For(More)
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