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Previous studies suggest that acetaldehyde generated from ethanol in the brain is reinforcing. The present studies tested the feasibility of achieving a long-term reduction of chronic and(More)
Perinatal asphyxia (PA) is a leading cause of neuronal damage in newborns, resulting in long-term neurological and cognitive deficits, in part due to impairment of mesostriatal and mesolimbic(More)
Oxygen interruption leads to death when re-oxygenation is not promptly re-established. Re-oxygenation triggers a cascade of biochemical events for restoring function at the cost of improper(More)
Ethanol is oxidized in the brain to acetaldehyde, which can condense with dopamine to generate (R/S)-salsolinol [(RS)-SAL]. Racemic salsolinol [(RS)-SAL] is self-infused by rats into the posterior(More)
BACKGROUND A number of studies have shown that acetaldehyde synthesized in the brain is necessary to induce ethanol (EtOH) reinforcement in naïve animals (acquisition phase). However, after chronic(More)