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Several studies have been demonstrated that endotoxin is a potent stimulus of the acute inflammatory response following traumatic injury. Although numerous studies have indicated that the extent of surgical intervention correlates well with the inflammatory response, the potential role of endotoxin as a trigger under those conditions still remains unknown.(More)
A survey is given on the status of developments, concerning a subretinal electronic microphotodiode array that aims at replacing degenerated photoreceptors. Various prototypes have been developed, tested, and implanted in various experimental animals up to 18 months. The fact that electrical responses were recorded from the visual cortex of pigs after(More)
From the patient population of the University Eye Clinic Basel 427 cases, who had been tested with the Octopus perimeter 201 because of neuro-ophthalmologic problems, were retrospectively examined. Above all it was interesting to find out, which program to use in order to get a maximum degree of information with a minimum of examinations. The quantitative(More)
: Primary cutaneous marginal zone lymphoma (PCMZL) is one of the most common cutaneous B-cell lymphomas. It affects mostly patients in their fourth decade and manifests with multifocal nodules mostly on the arms and upper trunk in more than half of the patients. PCMZL is, however, rare in children and adolescents, with only 20 cases reported in patients(More)
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