Mario Garcia

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Although only a single serotype of hepatitis E virus (HEV), the causative agent of hepatitis E, has been identified, there is great genetic variation among the different HEV isolates reported. There are at least four major recognized genotypes of HEV: genotypes 1 and 2 are mainly restricted to humans and linked to epidemic outbreaks in nonindustrialized(More)
The accreditation of laboratories performing noninvasive cardiac procedures is now routinely available and often required by insurance companies. In this article, the history of the accreditation for cardiac procedures is reviewed, the process explained, and the number of accredited laboratories listed. Decision pathways are listed, and common reasons for a(More)
This work presents a prototype low pass continuous time sigma delta modulator which uses transmission lines in its loop filter rather than capacitive integrators. As has been shown in prior theoretical work, such a structure allows to desensitize the modulator against clock jitter and excess loop delay. The prototype single-bit modulator was designed for an(More)
The challenge of providing a resilient and scalable computational and data management solution for massive scale research environments requires continuous exploration of new technologies and techniques. In this project the aim has been to design a scalable and resilient infrastructure for CERN HEP data analysis. The infrastructure is based on OpenStack(More)
Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is an increasing cause of acute hepatitis in industrialized countries. The aim of this study was to evaluate the presence of HEV in pig manure composting plants located in Spain. For this purpose, a total of 594 samples were taken in 54 sampling sessions from the different stages of composting treatment in these plants as follows:(More)
Hepatitis E, caused by Hepatitis E virus (HEV), is a highly prevalent disease in developing countries. In developed nations, autochthonous HEV infections seem to be an emergent disease. Its clinical manifestations and epidemiology are well known for endemic countries. It has been confirmed that hepatitis E is a zoonosis and that parenteral transmission can(More)
This paper describes the development of a prototype that takes in an analog National Television System Committee video signal generated by a video camera and data acquired by a microcontroller and display them in real-time on a digital panel. An 8051 microcontroller is used to acquire power dissipation by the display panel, room temperature, and camera zoom(More)