Mario Fernández-Pendás

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Adaptation and implementation of the Generalized Shadow Hybrid Monte Carlo (GSHMC) method for molecular simulation at constant pressure in the NPT ensemble are discussed. The resulting method, termed NPT-GSHMC, combines Andersen barostat with GSHMC to enable molecular simulations in the environment natural for biological applications, namely, at constant(More)
We introduce a new Adaptive Integration Approach (AIA) to be used in a wide range of molecular simulations. Given a simulation problem and a step size, the method automatically chooses the optimal scheme out of an available family of numerical integrators. Although we focus on two-stage splitting integrators, the idea may be used with more general families.(More)
The modified Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (MHMC) methods, i.e., importance sampling methods that use modified Hamiltonians within a Hybrid Monte Carlo (HMC) framework, often outperform in sampling efficiency standard techniques such as molecular dynamics (MD) and HMC. The performance of MHMC may be enhanced further through the rational choice of the simulation(More)
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