Mario Eltabach

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Noise radiated by rotating and reciprocating machines is often a mixture of multiple complex sources, the successful reduction of which is a field of intensive research. In this paper an advanced source separation approach is presented, based on cyclic Wiener filtering, which takes into account the cyclostationarity property of the signals. The aim of the(More)
Robotic cooperative tasks impose, in many cases, a grasping action. Grasping by coiling it is one of the most versatile action. The present article propose a frequency stability criterion based on the Kahman – Yakubovich – Popov Lemma for the hyper-redundant arms with continuum element that performs the grasping function by coiling. Dynamics of the(More)
Rotor asymmetries lead to perturbations of air-gap flux patterns in induction machines. These perturbations in flux components affect a number of components including currents and electromagnetic torque. The supervision of these signals enables early detection of such faults and assists in fault diagnosis. This paper studies the detection of rotor(More)
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