Mario E. Sánchez

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Peripheral nerve injuries can severely affect the way that animals perceive signals from the surrounding environment. While damage to peripheral axons generally has a better outcome than injuries to central nervous system axons, it is currently unknown how neurons re-establish their target innervations to recover function after injury, and how accessory(More)
In model-driven development, high level models are produced in the analysis or design phases, and then they are transformed and refined up to the implementation phase. The output of the last step usually includes executable code because it needs to introduce the details that are required for execution. However, some explicit structural information is lost(More)
PRIMARY OBJECTIVE Brain cortical biopsies of two patients with clinical diagnosis of complicated brain trauma who had seizures, were studied by means of light and electron microscopes in order to correlate structural alterations with seizure activity. METHODS AND PROCEDURES Biopsy samples of left frontal cortex and right parietal cortex were processed by(More)
Tissue injury has been employed to study diverse biological processes such as regeneration and inflammation. In addition to physical or surgical based methods for tissue injury, current protocols for localized tissue damage include laser and two-photon wounding, which allow a high degree of accuracy, but are expensive and difficult to apply. In contrast,(More)
In many domains, models are created based on predefined metamodels which abstract the structure of the domain in question. However, there are specific domains, like Enterprise Architecture (EA) projects, where a metamodel cannot be defined in advance to the creation of the model. Unfortunately, in this situation using standard frameworks, like EMF,(More)
The discourse of Enterprise Architecture is based on modeling and performing 'holistic' (multi-layer) analyses. However, view centered methodolo-gies offer a partial glimpse of the overall architecture, and current tools do not bring an explicit method of navigating the underlying model. Considering that we need a starting point for analysis and explore the(More)