Mario E Guzman Huerta

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Analysis of fetal biometric parameters on ultrasound images is widely performed and it is essential to estimate the gestational age, as well as the fetal growth pattern. The use of three dimensional ultrasound (3D US) is preferred over other tomographic modalities such as CT or MRI, due to its inherent safety and availability. However, the image quality of(More)
The distribution of single cysticerci between cerebral hemispheres was studied in 227 adult cases of calcified and vesicular neurocysticercosis (NC). A rightward lateralization of calcified cysticerci was significant only in women, whereas vesicular cysticerci were equally distributed in both hemispheres. Factors related with the differences in the(More)
It is thought that using detailed neuron-models could lead to a better understanding of how the nervous system works. However, neural networks preserve their collective computational properties, regardless of the level of description used for modeling the main building block. In this paper, we built a Neuroid-based retina model. As a result of the(More)
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