Mario Di Mauro

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One of the most important values deriving from WLAN (Wireless Local Access Network) technology is the possibility to provide a huge amount of mobility services based on a very cheap infrastructure. In this paper we propose a WLAN-based network architecture implementing an advanced location-determination service. The testing area is an indoor parking lot,(More)
The classification of data sessions on the Internet is a crucial issue for Authorities involved in lawful interception. Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) can provide a panel of IP nodes that, tuned to detect specific data patterns, are able to send an alert when a data session in a targeted class is found. Unluckily, several applications generate a bulk(More)
Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks are usually launched through the <italic>botnet</italic>, an &#x201C;army&#x201D; of compromised nodes hidden in the network. Inferential tools for DDoS mitigation should accordingly enable an early and reliable discrimination of the normal users from the compromised ones. Unfortunately, the recent emergence of(More)
  • M. Lunetta, M. Di Mauro, R. Le Moli, F. Nicoletti
  • 1996
Objective: The role of the dose and route of administration of octreotide in addition to insulin on daily blood glucose, growth hormone, glucagon, cortisol and adrenaline profiles in 7 insulin-dependent diabetic patients have been studied. Octreotide was administered either as multiple subcutaneous injections (50 μg three times daily, total dose 150 μg) or(More)
The growing of mobile communication market is attracting the prospects of &#x201C;cyber-criminals&#x201D; to eavesdrop personal and financial data through mobile devices. Typically, such devices do not have enough hardware resources to provide a secure environment against phishing attacks, spywares, malwares, identity theft and so on. In this paper, we(More)
Mobile equipments are an attractive target for network threats, due to their wide connectivity that expose them to various kinds of attacks. Besides specific security applications like mobile antiviruses installed into the devices, countermeasures can also be taken at the network operator side, where much larger computational power as well as management(More)
Nowadays, the Internet Service Providers have to keep track of and in some cases to analyze for legal issues, a great amount of Internet data. Real-time big data processing and analysis introduce new challenges that must be addressed by system engineers. This is because: 1) traditional technologies exploiting databases are not designed to process a huge(More)
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