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In architectural design, surface shapes are commonly subject to geometric constraints imposed by material, fabrication or assembly. Rationalization algorithms can convert a freeform design into a form feasible for production, but often require design modifications that might not comply with the design intent. In addition, they only offer limited support for(More)
point cloud quadrilateral mesh tetrahedral mesh polygon mesh conformal deformation isometric deformation square elements sphere constraint Figure 1: Constraint-based optimization and interactive shape exploration on different geometry representations. Blue dots denote handle positions, green areas are constrained to remain rigid and red spheres indicate(More)
Paneling an architectural freeform surface refers to an approximation of the design surface by a set of panels that can be manufactured using a selected technology at a reasonable cost, while respecting the design intent and achieving the desired aesthetic quality of panel layout and surface smoothness. Eigensatz and co-workers [Eigensatz et al. 2010] have(More)
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