Mario Dehesa González

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The absence of respiratory movements is a major criterion recommended for use by bystanders for recognizing an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (CA), as the persistence of eupneic breathing is considered to be incompatible with CA. The basis for CA-related apnea is, however, uncertain, since brain stem Po(2) is not expected to drop immediately to the critical(More)
Dronedarone is an amiodarone analog but differs structurally from amiodarone in that the iodine moiety was removed and a methane-sulfonyl group was added. These modifications reduced thyroid and other end-organ adverse effects and makes dronedarone less lipophilic, shortening its half-life. Dronedarone has been shown to prevent atrial fibrillation/flutter(More)
Dronedarone, a new Class III antiarrhythmic agent, has now been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in patients with atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter. Approval came in March 2009 due to the positive results of the ATHENA trial showing significant reductions in all-cause mortality and cardiovascular hospitalization with dronedarone(More)
T wave "memory" is a peculiar variety of cardiac remodeling caused by a transient change in the course of ventricular depolarization (due to ventricular pacing, rate-dependent intraventricular block, ventricular preexcitation or tachyarrhythmias with wide QRS complexes). It is usually manifested by inverted T waves that appears when normal ventricular(More)
A commonly problem of digital image processing systems that use video cameras for control navigation, as those used in cars or planes control, is that these systems depend on image contrast and the environmental pollution as fog, smog or rain. These environment characteristics, filters wavelengths of the light, which causes that the captured images, were(More)
The resolution in images is a perceptible detail measure. If the resolution increases, perception of fine details, edges, clearness of the objects and image quality increases too. Video surveillance cameras usually have a standard resolution for video surveillance applications, commonly in VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels). This video image in most of the(More)
It is proposed a methodology to improve verification and identification biometric facial indicators based in hybridization binary pattern models and the fuzzy logic theory, making besides use of the traditional image pre-processing models, feature extraction and classifiers to validate the performance of the proposal methodology. The facial recognition is(More)
We present 2 cases of the slow-fast form of AVNRT with initially narrow QRS complexes followed by sudden unexpected transition to persistently wide QRS complexes due to aberrant intraventricular conduction. Introduction of a properly timed extrastimulus in one case and critical oscillations in cycle length due to short-long coupling in the second case set(More)
Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) is an established treatment modality for systolic heart failure. Aimed to produce simultaneous biventricular stimulation and correct the lack of ventricular synchrony in selected patients with congestive heart failure, CRT has shown to improve mortality and reduce hospital admissions when compared to medical(More)
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