Mario Dagenais

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A carbohydrate-based biosensor was prepared by functionalization of the surface of an etched fiber Bragg grating with a glucopyranosyl-siloxane conjugate. Functionalization of the surface with the conjugate resulted in a Bragg grating shift of 24 pm. This shift in the refractive index is consistent with a theoretical shift calculated assuming monolayer(More)
In the last two decades, experimental progress in controlling cold atoms and ions now allows us to manipulate fragile quantum systems with an unprecedented degree of precision. This has been made possible by the ability to isolate small ensembles of atoms and ions from noisy environments, creating truly closed quantum systems which decouple from dissipative(More)
In high speed-communications, it is desirable to be able to detect small signals while maintaining a low bit-error rate. Conventional receivers for high-speed fiber optic networks are Amplified Direct Detectors (ADDs) that use erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) before the detector to achieve a suitable sensitivity. In principle, a better method for(More)
  • 2011
Since the 1960s, metal-insulator-metal (MIM) tunneling diodes have been used for detecting and mixing electromagnetic waves up to infrared frequencies. To improve the wave coupling efficiency, an antenna is usually integrated with a MIM diode, and this integrated structure is known as a " rectenna " which can rectify incident waves. Although antenna coupled(More)
We report on the development of a 4 channel, 10 Gbps/channel WDM laser transmitter module. The module includes four DFB MQW lasers operating in the 1550 nm fiber window. The small-signal characteristics of the DFB laser were measured from 50 MHz to 18 GHz, and a small-signal bias-dependent model was implemented using Libra software. This model was used with(More)
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