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The action of visual experience on visual cortical circuits is maximal during a critical period of postnatal development. The long-term effects of this experience are likely mediated by signaling cascades regulating experience-dependent gene transcription. Developmental modifications of these pathways could explain the difference in plasticity between the(More)
5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) is a common anticancer agent used in the treatment of solid tumours, with a reported variability in the pharmacokinetic profile and inter-patient differences in efficacy and toxicity. Since 5-FU is intracellularly metabolised to active cytotoxic fluoronucleotides, some authors suggested it would be useful to determine the plasma levels(More)
The extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase ERK1/2 is a crucial effector linking extracellular stimuli to cellular responses: upon phosphorylation ERK [also known as mitogen-activated protein kinase P42/P44 (MAPK)] concentrates in the nucleus where it activates specific programs of gene expression. Notwithstanding the importance of this process,(More)
An evolutionary multi-objective optimization tool based on an estimation of distribution algorithm is proposed. The algorithm uses the ranking method of non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm-II and the Parzen estimator to approximate the probability density of solutions lying on the Pareto front. The proposed algorithm has been applied to different types(More)
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are nanodevices with important potential applications in biomedicine such as drug and gene delivery. Brain diseases with no current therapy could be candidates for CNT-based therapies. Little is known about toxicity of CNTs and of their dispersion factors in the brain. Here we show that multiwall CNTs (MWCNTs) coated with Pluronic(More)
In obesity, adipocytes undergo dramatic morphological and molecular changes associated with alterations in their gene expression profile. To identify genes differentially modulated in white adipose tissue (WAT) of obese db/db mice compared to wild type (wt) mice, we utilized RNA fingerprinting. Among the 52 candidates that we identified, we focused here on(More)
The cytotoxicity and cardiotoxicity of benzoyl mustard (FCE 24517) and epoxamido (FCE 24561) synthetic derivatives of distamycin A were reported in the present study. The 50% inhibiting concentration (IC50) of colony formation of FCE 24517 on human SNB-19 glioblastoma, A2780 ovarian cancer and DU 145 prostate cancer was at least three times lower than that(More)
A classical example of age-dependent plasticity is ocular dominance (OD) plasticity, triggered by monocular deprivation (MD). Sensitivity of cortical circuits to a brief period of MD is maximal in juvenile animals and downregulated in adult age. It remains unclear whether a reduced potential for morphological remodeling underlies this downregulation of(More)
Increase in adipose mass results in obesity and modulation of several factors in white adipose tissue (WAT). Two important examples are tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFalpha) and leptin, both of which are upregulated in adipose tissue in obesity. In order to isolate genes differentially expressed in the WAT of genetically obese db/db mice compared to their(More)