Mario Cesar Cabrera

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Particle size distribution (PSD) is an essential property of cement. The only standard method to measure the PSD of cement, namely ASTM C115 [1] is limited in scope; this standard describes a method for determining " fineness " with a lower size detection limit of 7.5 µm. As there is no standard procedure covering the whole range of cement PSD, the(More)
The effects of the 5-HT(1A) receptor agonist 8-OH-DPAT on food and water intake in 16-week-old male chickens were investigated. Injection of 25 or 50 microg/kg of 8-OH-DPAT 15 min before refeeding starved animals (starved-refed) produced a decrease in food intake 1 h after the start of refeeding. No effect was observed in water intake. The injection of 25(More)
This work was performed to investigate the effect of duration of fasting in the responses of chickens peripherally injected with histamine on the regulation of food intake. The animals were 16-week-old male chickens from layer-strain and the doses of histamine used were 500 and 1000 microg/kg of body weight. The non fasted chickens showed no effect of(More)
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