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IEEE 802.16/WiMAX is one of the most promising technologies for Broadband Wireless Access, both for fixed and mobile use. This paper presents the structure of some testbeds, set up in the framework of the European project WEIRD, about novel applications running on top of a WiMAX-based end-to-end architecture. The presented testbeds are based on real use(More)
Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks based on IEEE 802.16d/e standards are soon to be deployed in several countries. However, there is lack of published literature with results from actual testbeds. This paper introduces the work done in the EU Sixth Framework Programme Project WEIRD to design and set up WiMAX testbeds in four EU countries. We describe the(More)
Grid computing is a large scale geographically distributed and heterogeneous system that provides a common platform for running different grid enabled applications. As each application has different characteristics and requirements, it is a difficult task to develop a scheduling strategy able to achieve optimal performance because application-specific and(More)
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