Mario Castellano

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We analysed short-period seismograms from about 250 very local events recorded by a network of high dynamic range short-period seismic stations deployed on Mt Vesuvius to estimate the site-corrected short-period seismic attenuation. We calculated Q{1 C , the inverse of the quality factor for coda waves, for short lapse times (12 s), and Q{1 P and Q{1 S ,(More)
Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks based on IEEE 802.16d/e standards are soon to be deployed in several countries. However, there is lack of published literature with results from actual testbeds. This paper introduces the work done in the EU Sixth Framework Programme Project WEIRD to design and set up WiMAX testbeds in four EU countries. We describe the(More)
S U M M A R Y Scattered waves observed at the seismographs of the National Italy’s seismic network have been used to investigate the intrinsic dissipation and scattering properties of the lithosphere under the Southern Apennines, Italy. First, we investigate the coda-Q properties, then we apply the MLTW analysis in the hypothesis of velocity and scattering(More)
IEEE 802.16/WiMAX is one of the most promising technologies for broadband wireless access, both for fixed and mobile use. This paper presents the structure of some testbeds, set up in the framework of the European project WEIRD, about novel applications running on top of a WiMAX-based end-to-end architecture. The presented testbeds are based on real use(More)
Despite their importance for eruption forecasting the causes of seismic rupture processes during caldera unrest are still poorly reconstructed from seismic images. Seismic source locations and waveform attenuation analyses of earthquakes in the Campi Flegrei area (Southern Italy) during the 1983-1984 unrest have revealed a 4-4.5 km deep NW-SE striking(More)
, commonly known as WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access Forum), is one of the most promising broadband wireless access technology for next generation all-IP networks. This access technology allows reaching high bit rate and covering large areas with a single Base Station (BS). Thanks to these features, IEEE 802.16 opens the way for the(More)
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