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In this article, an original double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction technique is described. The procedure is developed using hamstring tendon grafts while maintaining tibial osseous insertion. Two tibial tunnels are drilled and a simplified and precise outside-in double tunnel femoral drilling technique is utilized. The graft fixation is(More)
This paper addresses the question of genericity of existence of elliptic islands for the billiard map associated to strictly convex closed curves. More precisely, we study 2-periodic orbits of billiards associated to C 5 closed and strictly convex curves and show that the existence of elliptic islands is a dense property on the subset of those billiards(More)
Surgical procedures for double-bundle reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament, which currently use semitendinous and gracilis tendon grafts, have been described in the last decade. Most of the techniques utilize twice the hardware used in single-bundle reconstructions. We report an original anterior cruciate ligament double-bundle reconstruction(More)
The inclination of the joint line after supracondylar osteotomy of the femur for valgus deformity was studied in 22 patients and 26 knees. The patients (four males and 18 females) were 17-77 years old (mean, 49.5 years). The obliquity of the joint line was measured in positive degrees (medial inclination) and negative degrees (lateral inclination). Mean(More)
In this paper we show that, under certain generic conditions, billiards on ovals have only a finite number of periodic orbits, for each period N , all non-degenerate and at least one of them is hyperbolic. Moreover, the invariant curves of two hyperbolic points are transversal. We explore these properties to give some dynamical consequences specially about(More)
Although some work has been done on the metamathematics of Metamath, there has not been a clear definition of a model for a Meta-math formal system. We define the collection of models of an arbitrary Metamath formal system, both for tree-based and string-based representations. This definition is demonstrated with examples for propositional calculus, ZFC set(More)
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