Mario Carneiro Filho

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Pregabalin has emerged as a novel drug for neuro-pathic pain treatment. Few studies or case reports have demonstrated neurological side effects of its use 1. The aim of this article was to describe cognitive disturbances induced by Pregabalin in a patient diagnosed with neuro-pathic pain due to lumbar herniated disc and radicular compression. A 44-year-old(More)
Brazil The article " Meniscal repair by all-inside technique with Fast-Fix device " , published in Rev Bras Ortop. 2013;48(5):448–54, should be considered an original article rather than a case report. Errata em " Sutura do menisco pela técnica all-inside com o dispositivo Fast-Fix " [Rev. Este é um artigo Open Access sob a licença de CC BY-NC-ND
Select the studies related to knee surgery in the orthopedic literature published by Acta Ortopédica Brasileira (AOB) and the Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia (RBO) and classify them according to the levels of evidence. We selected all studies published from 2000 to 2011 related to knee surgery in AOB and RBO. The following categorization was adopted: level(More)
A osteocondrite dissecante (OCD) é uma patologia de causa desconhecida, que classica-mente acomete no joelho a borda lateral do côndilo femural medial. Apresentamos um raro caso de OCD no côndilo femural lateral bilateral. Osteochondritis dissecans in bilateral lateral femoral condyle in knees Keywords: Osteochondritis dissecans Knee Cartilage articular a b(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the most common methods for measuring patellar height and the impact of observer experience in correlations with the other observers using digital radiography. METHODS Sixty digital radiographs of the knee in lateral view were analyzed by four observers: a physician in the second year of medical residence in orthopedics (R2); a(More)
OBJECTIVE This study had the objective of prospectively comparing transverse fixation (Cross-Pin™) with extracortical fixation (EZLoc™) for the femur, in surgical reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament, from a clinical, biomechanical and functional point of view. METHODS Between April 2007 and November 2009, 50 patients with acute or chronic(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the functional results from the technique of mosaicplasty, in the knees of patients with osteochondral lesions. METHODS Between August 1999 and March 2005, 27 patients underwent mosaicplasty on their knees. Twenty-one were male and six were female. The patients' ages ranged from 16 to 64 years (mean of 38.1 years). Seventeen lesions(More)
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