Mario Capitelli

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Thermodynamic and transport properties of high temperature equilibrium air plasmas have been calculated in a wide pressure (0.01 ÷ 100 atm) and temperature range (50 ÷ 60 000 K). The results have been obtained by using a self-consistent approach for the thermodynamic properties and higher order approximation of the Chapman-Enskog method for the transport(More)
The contribution of internal degrees of freedom to thermal-plasma properties has been investigated in a wide range of temperature and pressure. Thermodynamic functions have been calculated modelling in different ways the electronic levels of atomic species (ground-state, Debye-Hückel and confined-atom approximations). Frozen and reactive specific heats are(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t An efficient algorithm to calculate the contribution of electron–electron collisions in the Boltzmann equation for free electrons, in the two-term approximation is presented. The electron–electron collision term must be energy-conserving, while, due to non-linearity, commonly used algorithms do not satisfy this(More)
Different approaches to study vibrational kinetics coupled to electron one for modeling different kinds of negative ion sources are presented. In particular two types of sources are investigated. The first one is a classical negative ion source in which the plasma is generated by thermoemitted electrons; in the second one, electrons already present in the(More)