Mario C. R. Vidal

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We present our approach to the problem of how an agent, within an economic Multi-Agent System, can determine when it should behave strategically (i.e. model the other agents), and when it should act as a simple price-taker. We provide a framework for the incremental implementation of modeling capabilities in agents. These agents were implemented and(More)
This research project was designed to investigate cultural and cognitive issues related to the work of nuclear power plant operators during their time on the job in the control room and during simulator training (emergency situations), in order to show how these issues impact on plant safety. The modeling of the operators work deals with the use of(More)
This paper describes an exploratory situated approach for the design, development, standardization, and implementation of line-oriented flight training (LOFT) in a major airline. LOFT was conceived in aviation industry to be a practical application of crew resource management (CRM) concepts. The situated approach combines a set of methods and techniques(More)
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