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— The problem of path following and formation control for underactuated 3-degrees-of-freedom surface vessels in the presence of unknown ocean currents is considered. The proposed controllers make the vessels asymptotically constitute a desired formation that follows a given straight-line path with a desired speed profile. This control goal is achieved in(More)
Micro aerial vehicles may build a collective of smart sensor objects cooperating in civilian missions such as search and rescue, farmland monitoring, or surveillance. Wireless connectivity is a prerequisite for transferring images and other sensor data to the ground. Though aerial vehicles may set up a multi-hop wireless network on their own, vehicle(More)
Cover Image: Inspired by the inclusion geometry model from the article " Numeriacl analysis of the factor-ization method for EIT with a piecewise constant uncertain background " H Haddar and G Migliorati 2013 Inverse Problems 29 065009. Abstract: The aim of this paper is to track transmigrating leukocytes via TGV flow estimation. Recent results have shown(More)
Hundreds of tons of depleted uranium (DU) ammunition were used in previous armed conflicts in Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia/Kosovo. The majority (>90%) of DU penetrators miss their target and, if left in the environment, corrode in these postconflict zones. Thus, the best way to understand the fate of bulk DU material in the environment is to(More)
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