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The Threat of the Yrmo: The Political Ontology of a Sustainable Hunting Program
ABSTRACT  Various misunderstandings and conflicts associated with attempts to integrate Indigenous Knowledges (IK) into development and conservation agendas have been analyzed from both political
Ontological Conflicts and the Stories of Peoples in Spite of Europe
Ontological conflicts (conflicts involving different assumptions about “what exists”) are gaining unprecedented visibility because the hegemony of modern ontological assumptions is undergoing a
In this article I seek to put into conversation two different but convergent intellectual/political projects, Lawrence Grossberg's ‘radically contextualist cultural studies’ and ‘political ontology’,
Storytelling Globalization from the Chaco and Beyond
About the Series Map List Preface Introduction. Globalization and the Struggle for Worlds and Knowledges Otherwise Part One. Puruhle/Genealogies 1. Laissez-Faire Progress: Invisibilizing the Yrmo 2.
Ontology and indigeneity: on the political ontology of heterogeneous assemblages
The first challenge faced by a project that seeks to bring concerns with ontology and indigeneity into a conversation is to sort out the various (and possibly divergent) projects that are being
The "Lettered City" and the Insurrection of Subjugated Knowledges in Latin America
This article explores how the knowledge practices of some academic-intellectuals are shifting in such a way as to signal a radical departure from the "traditional" role that academic-intellectuals
The concept of cosmopolitics developed by Isabelle Stengers and Bruno Latour keeps open the question of who and what might compose the common world. In this way, cosmopolitics offers a way to avoid
On the properly political (disposition for the) Anthropocene
  • Mario Blaser
  • Political Science
    Anthropological Theory
  • 27 February 2019
The environmental crises referenced by the term Anthropocene incite responses that reflect different understandings about the right way to live on Earth. This, one would expect, should generate a
In the Way of Development: Indigenous Peoples, Life Projects and Globalization
* Contents * Introductions * 1. Indigenous Peoples and Development Processes: New Terrains of Struggle - Mario Blaser, Harvey A. Feit and Glenn McRae * 2. Life Projects: Indigenous Peoples' Agency
Anthropology and STS
The authors explore multiple interfaces as sites where encounters are also sites of difference—where complex groupings, practices, topics, and analytical grammars overlap, and also exceed each other, composing irregular links in a conversation that produces connections without producing closure.