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AIMS With an estimated 12 million consumers in Europe, cocaine (COC) is the illicit drug leading to the most emergency department visits. The aim of this study was to examine a consecutive series of sudden deaths (SDs) to focus on the prevalence, the toxicological characteristics, and the causes of death in COC-related fatalities. METHODS AND RESULTS(More)
We propose a general approach for determining the entropy and free energy of complex systems as a function of temperature and pressure. In this method the Fourier transform of the velocity autocorrelation function, obtained from a short ͑20 ps͒ molecular dynamics trajectory is used to obtain the vibrational density of states ͑DoS͒ which is then used to(More)
Recent in vitro studies suggest that muscarinic receptors are important indicators of prostatic epithelial differentiation. Using choline in the mapping of prostatic lesions, radiographic studies have been interpreted as showing malignant transformation when high levels of receptors are found, but to our knowledge no correlation with the grade of prostatic(More)
The effect of molecular architecture of a surfactant, particularly the attachment position of benzene sulfonate on the hexadecane backbone, at the decane-water interface was investigated using atomistic MD simulations. We consider a series of surfactant isomers in the family of alkyl benzene sulfonates, denoted by m-C16, indicating a benzene sulfonate group(More)
The structural basis for accurate placement of substrate RNA by H/ACA proteins is studied using a nonintrusive fluorescence assay. A model substrate RNA containing 2-aminopurine immediately 3' of the uridine targeted for modification produces distinct fluorescence signals that report the substrate's docking status within the enzyme active site. We combined(More)
The fundamental processes in shock-induced instabilities of materials remain obscure, particularly for detonation of energetic materials. We simulated these processes at the atomic scale on a realistic model of a polymer-bonded explosive (3,695,375 atoms/cell) and observed that a hot spot forms at the nonuniform interface, arising from shear relaxation that(More)
The development of a miniaturized sensing platform for the selective detection of chemical odorants could stimulate exciting scientific and technological opportunities. Oligopeptides are robust substrates for the selective recognition of a variety of chemical and biological species. Likewise, semiconducting nanowires are extremely sensitive gas sensors.(More)
Increased expression of Goodpasture antigen-binding protein (GPBP), a protein that binds and phosphorylates basement membrane collagen, has been associated with immune complex-mediated pathogenesis. However, recent reports have questioned this biological function and proposed that GPBP serves as a cytosolic ceramide transporter (CERT(L)). Thus, the role of(More)
In 1896 Kuttner reported four cases which he described as induration of the submandibular gland. Histologically, they showed chronic inflammation and fibrosis. Sporadic cases of this entity that have come to be known as Kuttner's tumor or chronic sclerosing sialadenitis of the submandibular gland and have been reported throughout the 20th century. This(More)