Mario Barcelo-Valenzuela

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The Electric Power Industry is changing rapidly. Utilities on deregulated markets are forced to focus on increased customer service on a very competitive market. In order to become successful the power companies have to utilize all their resources. One of such resource is the huge amount of information in different computer systems. This information can be(More)
Normally, after applying a knowledge audit methodology, the results are presented in a final report including knowledge inventory, knowledge maps, and knowledge flows. After analyzed the inventory, maps and flows, it is possible to identify inefficiencies reflected in duplication of efforts, knowledge gaps, knowledge barriers and knowledge-bottlenecks. All(More)
A methodology is presented to select the Knowledge Intensive Core Processes: “Knowledge Management Critical Processes” its main objective is to analyze the selection of the processes inside the organizations, from the perspective of Knowledge Management and an strategic view. The principal advantage of this methodology is that there is no need to make a(More)
There are organizations that ignore the valuable knowledge they have, and those that do not know what they need to improve upon in decision making during their training process. The aim of this paper is to present a methodology based on knowledge management to identify and locate the key knowledge in an organization, and the need to increase their(More)
The aim of this paper is to propose a knowledge management model supported with technologies associated to semantic web as strategy to negotiate knowledge within organizations, considering as priority the optimization of their processes, human and technological resources. We assume that by negotiating the assets of knowledge with the support of the semantic(More)
The document presents a methodology whose objective is to select the processes that will be considered highpriority to improve the possibility of success in Knowledge Management initiatives in an organization and show a proposed model to control this critical process. The main objective of this work is to analyze the selection and control of the Knowledge(More)
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