Mario Antônio Duarte

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Non-synaptic mechanisms are being considered the common factor of brain damage in status epilepticus and alcohol intoxication. The present work reports the influence of the chronic use of ethanol on epileptic processes sustained by non-synaptic mechanisms. Adult male Wistar rats administered with ethanol (1, 2 e 3 g/kg/d) during 28 days were compared with(More)
The important role of cation-chloride co-transporters in epilepsy is being supported by an increasing number of investigations. However, enormous complexity is involved since the action of these co-transporters has effects on the ionic homeostasis influencing directly the neuronal excitability and the tissue propensity to sustain seizure. To unravel the(More)
The epilepsies constitute one of the most common serious brain disorders and know no geographic, social, or racial boundaries, occurring in men and women and affecting people of all ages, though more frequently affecting young people in the first two decades of life and people over the age of 60 [1,2]. Worldwide, there are at least 50 million people who(More)
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