Mario A. Ramirez

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  • Damien Clarisse, Béatrice Pelotier, +11 authors N. Niranjan
  • 2011
Supplementary informations 1 H and 13 C NMR spectra were measured in CDCl 3 on a Bruker AC 300 or 400 spectrometers. Mass spectra were recorded on a Finigan-MAT 95 XL instrument; IR spectra were recorded on a Nicolet IR100. Melting points were measured with a B-540 Büchi. Column chromatography was carried out with silica gel 60A 40-63 μm (SDS). All the(More)
Two different nuclear-medium effects are isolated using a low three-momentum transfer subsample of neutrino-carbon scattering data from the MINERvA neutrino experiment. The observed hadronic energy in charged-current ν_{μ} interactions is combined with muon kinematics to permit separation of the quasielastic and Δ(1232) resonance processes. First, we(More)
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