Marinus M. Boone

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The combination of a binaural beamformer with an auditory model-based localizer and post-processor is presented. The intention of the design was to maintain a high degree of quality and listening ease while enhancing speech intelligibility. Therefore, a binaural and fixed minimum variance distortionless response beamformer was employed to establish a medium(More)
Macrophage-derived factor (MDF) is a lipophilic factor produced by rat testicular and peritoneal macrophages that maximally stimulates testosterone production by rat Leydig cells through a steroidogenic acute regulatory protein independent mechanism. The purpose of the present study was to determine whether MDF is also produced by human macrophages, and/or(More)
The objective intelligibility assessment of nonlinearly enhanced speech is a widely experienced problem. Nonlinear speech enhancement processors operate primarily on the low-level and transient components of speech. As these sections contain important acoustic cues as well as context-constitutive information, they dominate speech intelligibility. For that(More)
  • R C G Opdam, Dipl.-Ing A M M Schlesinger, +5 authors B Rieger
  • 2010
In this thesis a binaural CASA localization algorithm is developed for the implementation in a binaural hearing aid with downstream speech enhancement. Two binaural CASA localization algorithms, based on the Albani model, are proposed to enhance the localization performance in noisy and reverberant acoustic environments. The Albani model is extended with a(More)
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