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Threat-related attentional bias in anxious and nonanxious individuals: a meta-analytic study.
The results show that the bias is reliably demonstrated with different experimental paradigms and under a variety of experimental conditions, but that it is only an effect size of d = 0.45. Expand
Adult attachment representations, parental responsiveness, and infant attachment: a meta-analysis on the predictive validity of the Adult Attachment Interview.
It was concluded that although the predictive validity of the AAI is a replicated fact, there is only partial knowledge of how attachment representations are transmitted (the transmission gap). Expand
Disorganized attachment in early childhood: meta-analysis of precursors, concomitants, and sequelae.
The current series of meta-analyses have established the reliability and discriminant validity of disorganized infant attachment and the search for the mechanisms leading to disorganization has just started. Expand
The measurement of dissociation in normal and clinical populations. Meta-analytic validation of the dissociative experiences scale (des)
The Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES) hos now been used in over 100 studies on dissociation. This article reports on a series of meta-analyses to test some of the theoretical assumptionsExpand
A Global Perspective on Child Sexual Abuse: Meta-Analysis of Prevalence Around the World
The results of the meta-analysis confirm that CSA is a global problem of considerable extent, but also show that methodological issues drastically influence the self-reported prevalence of CSA. Expand
Less is more: meta-analyses of sensitivity and attachment interventions in early childhood.
The most effective interventions used a moderate number of sessions and a clear-cut behavioral focus in families with, as well as without, multiple problems, which supports the notion of a causal role of sensitivity in shaping attachment. Expand
Differential susceptibility to the environment: An evolutionary–neurodevelopmental theory
The differential susceptibility paradigm has far-reaching implications for understanding whether and how much child and adult development responds, for better and for worse, to the gamut of species-typical environmental conditions. Expand
Joint book reading makes for success in learning to read
The results support the hypothesis that book reading, in particular, affects acquisition of the written language register and the effect seems to become smaller as soon as children become conventional readers and are able to read on their own. Expand
Adult attachment representations, parental responsiveness, and infant attachment: a meta-analysis on the predictive validity of the adult attachment interview
: About a decade ago, the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI; C. George, N. Kaplan, & M. Main, 1985) was developed to explore parents' mental representations of attachment as manifested in languageExpand
The significance of insecure attachment and disorganization in the development of children's externalizing behavior: a meta-analytic study.
This study addresses the extent to which insecure and disorganized attachments increase risk for externalizing problems using meta-analysis and discusses the potential significance of attachment for mental health. Expand