Marinus C. Pannevis

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To establish the energetic cost of protein synthesis, isolated trout hepatocytes were used to measure protein synthesis and respiration simultaneously at a variety of temperatures. The presence of bovine serum albumin was essential for the viability of isolated hepatocytes during isolation, but, in order to measure protein synthesis rates, oxygen(More)
Ornamental fish keeping has become an increasingly popular hobby, and there are now more than 330 mil lion ornamental fish sold each year throughout the world (Riehl and Baensch 1989). Although the total number of fish species exceeds 30,000 (Friede 1987), only 4000 of these species classify as freshwater or namental species (Riehl and Baensch 1989). Of(More)
The in vitro oxygen uptake of rainbow trout phagocyte-enriched head kidney leucocyte and head kidney macrophage suspensions was monitored. Stimulation of these cells with zymosan or phorbol myristate acetate induced a twoto 10-fold increase in oxygen uptake, the so-called respiratory burst. This respiratory burst activity was markedly enhanced in the(More)
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