Marinos Stylianou

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Mobile business research has arguably grown to become one of the most topical and complex eBusiness research areas in recent years. As a result, researchers face a plethora of interdisciplinary research challenges. Understanding the range of these challenges and confronting them requires coordinated research efforts, backed up by a holistic guiding(More)
This work deals with the removal of lead, copper and zinc from aqueous solutions by using natural zeolite (clinoptilolite). Fixed bed experiments were performed, using three different volumetric flow rates of 5, 7 and 10bed volume/h, under a total normality of 0.01N, at initial pH of 4 and ambient temperature (25 degrees C). The removal efficiency increased(More)
This paper refers to the management of the construction and demolition (C&D) waste since, according to the EU Waste Strategy, C&D waste is considered to be one of the priority waste streams and appropriate actions need to be taken with respect to its effective management. Initially, the paper presents the state-of-the-art of the problem of C&D waste,(More)
This article presents the methodology and the results of the performance testing of a prototype system for the production of high quality compost from biodegradable household waste separated at the source. Selected households in three municipalities of the Attica Region in Greece constituted the users of the home composter. The results indicated the(More)
Within the European Union, guidance in the form of a uniform Soil Directive does not exist and member states are left to enact their own legislation governing historic soil contamination. Several historic or "legacy" sites exist in Cyprus - an EU member state with a long history of mining and a significant number of abandoned mining sites. The gold-silver(More)
Enhanced UMTS traffic generation and activity models are described and characterised, based on population and service penetration values. An offices scenario was defined with a selection of relevant applications. ON/OFF states have been characterised by appropriate statistical distributions, and parameters for source traffic modelling have been presented.(More)
Future Communication Networks are envisioned to be based upon a common, flexible and scalable convergence platform, where different access networks, different terminals and different services can coexist. The new user capabilities spawn a demand for Always Best Connectivity (ABC), i.e. that a user can always have the best possible connection regardless of(More)
The aim of this work is to examine copper removal from sludge permeate with the use of low-cost minerals of Mediterranean origin combined with ultrafiltration membranes. The minerals used were zeolite (clinoptilolite), bentonite and vermiculite. Activated sludge was enriched with 0.01 N (317.7 ppm) of Cu(II). Fixed concentrations of minerals were added to(More)
This study investigated the generation and management of demolition waste (DW) in Cyprus. A methodology has been developed and applied for the estimation of the quantities of the waste stream under examination, since quantitative primary data were not available. The existing situation relating to the practices applied for the management of DW was(More)