Marinos Koutsomichalis

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The SoDA (Sound Design Accelerator) project aims at providing a flexible software environment for soundscape generation. Based on semantic information, it provides both an annotation schema and an annotated library of sound files that operates in relation to a generative system that delivers the final audio content. SoDA provides the user with various forms(More)
Oiko-nomic Threads is a collective art project for an algorithmically controlled knitting machine and open data. The installation represents a system commenting on the notion of work through the production of a textile in real-time. By means of rethinking, modifying and redefining the functionality of an obsolete knitting machine and employing financial(More)
Contemporary computers are direct descendants of the Jackard’s loom – an industrial era machine that used punched cards as a way of calculating and representing numerical data to be subsequently transformed into weaving patterns (Essinger 2004) – and of Babbage’s Analytical Engine, which employed a variation of the same system to perform complex(More)
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