Marino Marco

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Neuroimaging methods have failed to disclose correlation between degree of cerebral atrophy and blood flow in carotid artery stenosis patients. Moreover, intellectual improvement after carotid endarterectomy does not correlate fully with neuroimaging data in such patients. We performed brain electrical activity mapping and psychological testing before and 4(More)
Leukocytes are thought to play an important role in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel diseases; granulocyte-monocyte adsorptive (GMA) apheresis, an extracorporeal technique aimed at removing activated circulating leukocytes from the blood, may represent a safe and effective therapeutic tool in these patients. The Italian Registry of Therapeutic(More)
Antidisialosyl antibodies were found in two out of 13 patients with chronic idiopathic ataxic neuropathy (CIAN) and not in 32 patients with different sensory neuropathies of known cause. This finding confirms the association of antidisialosyl antibodies and CIAN regardless of the absence of the M band. These antibodies may have pathogenic relevance;(More)
The authors have carried out a statistical study on two large groups of patients operated on for cataract and in whom the enzyme alph-chymotrypsin has been used, and the occurrence of ocular hypertension has been examined. One group, which contained 1,003 operations most of which were under the microscope using a firm closure technique, was compared with(More)
Of 698 cases of acute myocardial infarction (AMI), 65 cases of cardiogenic shock underwent haemodynamic study. 25 cases had pulmonary capillary pressures (PCP) less than 14 mmHg, 15 of which responded favourably to vascular filling. None of these cases died in a state of shock. In comparison with cardiogenic shock with PCP equal to or greater than 14 mmHg,(More)
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