Marino Korlević

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The zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha is widely used as sentinel organism for the assessment of environmental contamination in freshwater environments. However, in the River Rhine (Germany), the D. polymorpha population is declining, whereas the closely related quagga mussel D. bugensis is found in high numbers at some sites. In the present laboratory(More)
The South Adriatic Sea is the deepest part of the Adriatic Sea and represents a key area for both the Adriatic Sea and the deep eastern Mediterranean. It has a role in dense water formation for the eastern Mediterranean deep circulation cell, and it represents an entry point for water masses originating from the Ionian Sea. The biodiversity and seasonality(More)
Samples were collected from sea sediments at seven sites in the northern Adriatic Sea that included six sites next to industrial complexes and one from a tourist site (recreational beach). The samples were assayed for alkanes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The composition of the hydrocarbon samples suggested that industrial pollution was present in(More)
Most stratified sulfidic holomictic lakes become oxygenated after annual turnover. In contrast, Lake Rogoznica, on the eastern Adriatic coast, has been observed to undergo a period of water column anoxia after water layer mixing and establishment of holomictic conditions. Although Lake Rogoznica's chemistry and hydrography have been studied extensively, it(More)
Highly stratified Mediterranean estuaries are unique environments where the tidal range is low and the tidal currents are almost negligible. The main characteristics of these environments are strong salinity gradients and other environmental parameters. In this study, 454 pyrosequencing of the 16S rRNA gene in combination with catalyzed reporter(More)
The response of bacteria in terms of abundance, production and community structure to changes induced by the discharge of primary treated sewage waters was investigated combining microbiological, chemical and molecular tools. The primary treatment did not affect substantially the bacterial community structure in wastewaters and did not reduce the(More)
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