Marino Kawamura

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Electric field penetration into the metallic side of a Schottky junction is in principle a universal phenomenon, the magnitude of which increases with the semiconductor permittivity. Here, we quantitatively probe this effect using bias-dependent internal photoemission spectroscopy at the Schottky junction between a large dielectric permittivity(More)
An ionosonde network consisting of a meridional chain and an equatorial pair was established in the Southeast Asian area. Three of four ionosondes are along the magnetic meridian of 100 • E; two are close to the magnetic conjugate points in Northern Thailand and West Sumatra, Indone-sia, and the other is near the magnetic equator in the Malay Peninsula,(More)
High-entropy alloys (HEAs) comprise a novel class of scientifically and technologically interesting materials. Among these, equatomic CrMnFeCoNi with the face-centered cubic (FCC) structure is noteworthy because its ductility and strength increase with decreasing temperature while maintaining outstanding fracture toughness at cryogenic temperatures. Here we(More)
Capacitively coupled plasma discharges that are driven by two frequencies have been of interest in recent years because the low frequency source can control the sheath voltage and the mean ion bombarding energy while the high frequency source can sustain the plasma and control the ion flux. Thus the independent control of ion energy and ion flux is the(More)
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