Marino Chiodi

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Both bradycardia and a trend to tachycardia have been reported in obstructive sleep apneas (OSA). Because heart rate (HR) behavior may yield information on parasympathetic activity during OSA, we analyzed HR in samples of consecutive apneic cycles in non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, recorded in normotensive patients breathing room air (n = 7) and(More)
Fire-eater's lung, an acute exogenous lipoid pneumonia, is caused when street performers accidentally inhale pyrofluids. We report the case of a young fire-eater who, 12 hours after inhaling an iso-alkanebased pyrofluid, developed fever, dyspnoea, dry cough and intense right chest pain. Radiographic signs of pneumonia emerged two days later. Computed(More)
PURPOSE Encrusted cystitis is a rare chronic inflammatory disease characterized by calcified plaques of the bladder, previously altered by varies conditions as urological procedures, caused by urea-splitting bacteria. Only one case has been reported on encrusted cystitis occurring after surgery and radiation therapy for a pelvic neoplasm. We report on(More)
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