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1 Abstract We will still need quite some time to reach a security standard of IT systems alike the standard already usual in other fields. The reason for this is that IT systems are highly complex and errors are likely to sneak in all phases of their life cycle, e.g. programming or configuration errors. As written in [And93], we may only perceive an(More)
Recent experience has shown, that interconnected systems are vulnerable to attacks, if security questions are not met appropriately. In this paper we give selected reasons for the current dissatisfying security level of distributed systems and present selected approaches of making systems more secure. We describe our concept of a ,,Security Improvement(More)
Virtual instruments and tools are future trends in Engineering which are a response to the growing complexity of engineering tasks, the facility of communication and strong collaborations on the international market. Outsourcing, off-shoring, and the globalization of organisations' activities have resulted in the formation of virtual product development(More)
Our paper responds to the need of an Aided Team Building System (Aided VTB System). It focuses on virtual teams that are active in virtual design projects in the area of New Product Development (NPD). An extract of requirements of this Aided VTB System is presented that is based on the idea of Quality Function Development and its tool " house of quality ".(More)
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