Marinette Revenu

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In this paper, we focus on statistical region-based active contour models where image features (e.g. intensity) are random variables whose distribution belongs to some parametric family (e.g. exponential) rather than confining ourselves to the special Gaussian case. In the framework developed in this paper, we consider the general case of region-based terms(More)
This article deals with the design of a system that automates the generation of image processing applications. Users describe tasks to perform on images and the system constructs a specific plan, which, after being executed, should yield the desired results. Our approach of this problem belongs to the more general category of systems for the supervision of(More)
This paper presents a method for the detection, representation and visualisation of the cerebral vascular tree and its application to magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) images. The detection method is an iterative tracking of the vessel centreline with subvoxel accuracy and precise orientation estimation. This tracking algorithm deals with forks.(More)
In this paper, we propose to combine formally noise and shape priors in region-based active contours. On the one hand, we use the general framework of exponential family as a prior model for noise. On the other hand, translation and scale invariant Legendre moments are considered to incorporate the shape prior (e.g. fidelity to a reference shape). The(More)
More and more research have been developed very recently for automatic hand recognition. This paper proposes a new method for contactless hand authentication in complex images. Our system uses skin color and hand shape information for an accurate hand detection process. Then, the palm is extracted and characterized by a robust and normalized decomposition.(More)
A multiscale segmentation strategy using wavelet-domain hidden Markov tree model and pairwise classifiers selection is tested in the present paper for histopathology virtual slide analysis. The classifiers selection is based on a study of the influence of hyper-parameters of the method. Combination of outputs of selected classifiers is then done with(More)