Marinella Leone

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War and Stature: Growing Up During the Nigerian Civil War The Nigerian civil war of 1967-70 was precipitated by secession of the Igbo-dominated southeastern region to create the state of Biafra. It was the first civil war in Africa, the predecessor of many. We investigate the legacies of this war four decades later. Using variation across ethnicity and(More)
The Timor Leste secession conflict lasted for 25 years. Its last wave of violence in 1999, following the withdrawal of Indonesian troops, generated massive displacement and destruction with widespread consequences for the economic and social development of the country. This paper analyzes the impact of the conflict on the level and access to education of(More)
This paper describes the validation process used in the Mediterranean Free Flight (MFF) project. MFF was a large, six-year ATM research project, sponsored by the European Commission, that studied Operational Concepts and procedures for more efficient use of airspace through the delegation of tasks related to separation assurance. The validation approaches(More)
The laws on workplace safety and in particular the DLgs. 81/08, contemplate an organisation which firstly promotes collective protection measures and elimination of any type of risk. The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is therefore always secondary to the correct implementation of all possible technical and organisational procedures. DLgs 81/08(More)
In the project of active research of occupational diseases was conducted a study on 45 welders in the engineering companies, with particular attention to the hazards of exposure to the optical radiation. The protocol used involved the execution of Breack Up test, Schirmer test, corneal staining and scraping cytology. It revealed that more than half of the(More)
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