Marine François

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Feeding rats diets containing oils that have a low alpha-linolenic acid [18:3(n-3)] content, such as sunflower oil, results in reduced amounts of docosahexaenoic acid [22:6(n-3)] in all brain cells and organelles compared to rats fed a diet containing soybean oil or rapeseed oil. During the period of cerebral development there is a linear relationship(More)
Eosinophilic cystitis (EC) is a rare condition. Recent studies have shown that activated eosinophils release cytotoxic cationic proteins which can induce tissue damage. Moreover, in vitro studies have shown that interleukin-5 (IL-5) is a cytokine able to attract and activate eosinophils. The goal of this study was to detect a possible activation of(More)
Although invariably seen with immunofluorescence in Giant Cell Temporal Arteritis, deposits of immunoglobulins and complement in the wall of the temporal arteries is nevertheless not specific to his condition. The results of the preliminary study reported here would seem to indicate that this phenomenon is related to the dysimmune state. A simple(More)