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Age-specific cost of first reproduction in female southern elephant seals
When to commence breeding is a crucial life-history decision that may be the most important determinant of an individual's lifetime reproductive output and can have major consequences on populationExpand
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Optimizing lifetime reproductive output: Intermittent breeding as a tactic for females in a long‐lived, multiparous mammal
In iteroparous species, intermittent breeding is an important life-history tactic that can greatly affect animal population growth and viability. Despite its importance, few studies have quantifiedExpand
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Known unknowns in an imperfect world: incorporating uncertainty in recruitment estimates using multi-event capture–recapture models
We compared the demographic parameters assessed from a standard multistate capture–recapture approach to the estimates obtained from the newly developed multi-event framework that specifically accounts for uncertainty in state assessment. Expand
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Climate change and functional traits affect population dynamics of a long‐lived seabird
Recent studies unravelled the effect of climate changes on populations through their impact on functional traits and demographic rates in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, but such understandingExpand
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