Marina di Pirro

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To explore pregnant women's use, attitudes, knowledge and beliefs of complementary and alternative drugs (CADs) defined as products manufactured from herbs or with a natural origin. A preliminary survey was conducted among 172 pregnant women in their third trimester of pregnancy, consecutively recruited in two obstetrical settings; 15 women were randomly(More)
BACKGROUND More than 380,000 angiographic procedures are performed every year in Italian hospitals, with an increase rate of 8% per year. Although contrast media (CM) are considered relatively safe, adverse drug reactions (ADRs) remain an important issue. OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to quantify the incidence of immediate and delayed(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the type, frequency, severity and predictors of potential Drug-Drug Interactions (DDIs) in a cohort of patients undergoing radiodiagnostic procedures. SETTING Eight Radiology wards located in Tuscany (Italy). METHODS All participants exposed to at least two medications were included in the analysis. DDIs were grouped according to(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Poor adherence to medications is a major health concern especially among older subjects. To plan future studies to improve adherence, an epidemiological study, called "Fiesole Misurata", was conducted. The aim of the present paper was to verify the representativeness of the database in evaluating the AntiHyperTensives (AHTs)-taking(More)
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