Marina Yu. Khodanovich

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Event-linked brain potentials were studied in ten essentially healthy volunteers (six men, four women) aged 18-24 years. Subjects were presented with rare deviant and frequent standard visual stimuli in the standard odd-ball paradigm in conditions of active attention to stimulation and in conditions of distracted attention. Differences between deviant(More)
The presented dataset provides a normative high-resolution three-dimensional (3D) macromolecular proton fraction (MPF) map of the healthy rat brain in vivo and source images used for its reconstruction. The images were acquired using the protocol described elsewhere (Naumova, et al. High-resolution three-dimensional macromolecular proton fraction mapping(More)
Changes in cerebral neurogenesis provoked by ischemia and the effect of fluoxetine on this process were studied using a three-vessel occlusion model of global transient cerebral ischemia. The global transient cerebral ischemia was modeled on male Wistar rats by transient occlusion of three major vessels originating from the aortic arch and supplying the(More)
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