Marina Wang

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BACKGROUND Autophagy allows recycling of cellular components and may facilitate cell survival after chemotherapy. Pantoprazole inhibits proton pumps and is reported to inhibit autophagy. Here we evaluate the effects of pantoprazole to modify cytotoxicity of the anticancer drug docetaxel, and underlying mechanisms. METHODS Effects of docetaxel±pantoprazole(More)
Enhanced autophagy has been observed in hypoxic regions of solid tumors. Here we address the hypothesis that autophagy is required for survival of hypoxic cells. We evaluated sensitivity to hypoxia of three human tumor cell lines (MCF7, PC3, and LNCaP) and their autophagy-deficient variants with shRNA knockdown of the genes ATG7 and BECLIN1. Hypoxia-induced(More)
BACKGROUND The Canadian Open Genetics Repository is a collaborative effort for the collection, storage, sharing and robust analysis of variants reported by medical diagnostics laboratories across Canada. As clinical laboratories adopt modern genomics technologies, the need for this type of collaborative framework is increasingly important. METHODS A(More)
Cellular causes of resistance and limited drug distribution within solid tumors limit therapeutic efficacy of anticancer drugs. Acidic endosomes in cancer cells mediate autophagy, which facilitates survival of stressed cells, and may contribute to drug resistance. Basic drugs (e.g. doxorubicin) are sequestered in acidic endosomes, thereby diverting drugs(More)
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