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This paper presents a sensor fusion framework that improves the localization of mobile robots with limited computational resources. It employs an event based Kalman Filter to combine the measurements of a global sensor and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) on an event based schedule, using fewer resources (execution time and bandwidth) but with similar(More)
“Mechatronic” is a term that is used for describe an integrating science of the mechanical, electronic and computers areas with the objective of generating intelligent mechanical products. This characteristic needs to be taken into account for choosing a working platform when practical works with students are developed. For this, in this paper(More)
Automatic control, as well as the introduction to programming, are subjects increasingly being taught to young engineering students. For this reason the availability of a suitable platform for the laboratory work becomes a critical decision, in order to promote students' motivation to experience the theoretical concepts studied in the classroom. Until(More)
This paper presents a remote process control application trough the Internet, considering the negative effects of TCP/IP-based networks over computer control due to time-varying sampling period. A controller design approach that uses time-varying observers and state feedback controllers designed by means of linear matrix inequalities (LMI) and quadratic(More)
In this paper, the implementation in the e-puck robot of an algorithm to keep going in a trajectory while evading fixed obstacles is presented. A review of some existing algorithms for trajectory tracking with obstacles avoidance is done. Also the basic characteristics of the mobile robot e-puck and the programming environment used to implement the control(More)
Nowadays, a lot of educational and research objectives can be achieved through the use of configurable, small, low-cost mobile robot kits. Using these systems, students must deal with topics like teamwork, real-world issues, integrated systems building, multidiscipline information, etc. This paper will present a mobile robot laboratory. The laboratory is(More)
As it is well known, robots are complex devices capable of performing very fast and precise movements. Developing robots and their controllers is a very challenge task due to the different technologies that are needed to be dealt with (access to peripherals, real-time operating systems, communications ...) and the amounts of programming work that is needed.(More)