Marina V. Sokolova

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This paper presents an approach to the creation of an agent-based system for the assessment of environmental impact upon human health. As indicators of the environmental impact water pollution, indexes of traffic and industrial activity, wastes and solar radiation are assumed. And as human health indicator morbidity is taken. All the data comprise multiple(More)
The article is dedicated to the problem of decision making in complex systems. Application of a novel interdisciplinary approach, which widely use intelligent agents is offered. The principal ideas of the novel approach are embodied into the DeciMaS framework, that offers a logical set of stages oriented to creation of decision support systems for complex(More)
This paper presents an architecture of an agent-based decision support system (ADSS) for ecological-medical situation assessment. The system receives statistical information in form of direct and indirect pollution indicator values. The ultimate goal of the modeled multi-agent system (MAS) is to evaluate the impact of the exposure to pollutants in(More)
Fall detection, especially for elderly people, is a challenging problem which demands new products and technologies. In this paper a fuzzy model for fall detection and inactivity monitoring in infrared video is presented. The classification features proposed include geometric and kinematic parameters associated with more or less sudden changes in the(More)