Marina V. Semenova

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For a partially ordered set P , we denote by Co(P ) the lattice of order-convex subsets of P . We find three new lattice identities, (S), (U), and (B), such that the following result holds: Theorem. Let L be a lattice. Then L embeds into some lattice of the form Co(P ) iff L satisfies (S), (U), and (B). Furthermore, if L has an embedding into some Co(P ),(More)
For a positive integer n, we denote by SUB (resp., SUBn) the class of all lattices that can be embedded into the lattice Co(P ) of all orderconvex subsets of a partially ordered set P (resp., P of length at most n). We prove the following results: (1) SUBn is a finitely based variety, for any n ≥ 1. (2) SUB2 is locally finite. (3) A finite atomistic lattice(More)
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