Marina V Sazhina

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OBJECTIVE To study the frequency and spectrum of oral manifestations of HIV-infected drug-users in the Perm region. SUBJECTS 104 seropositive HIV-infected drug-users (69 male, 35 female; ages 15 to 32 years; 13 co-infected with hepatitis viruses) and 13 AIDS-infected drug-users (7 male, 6 female; ages 16 to 37 years; 12 co-infected with hepatitis(More)
The eye development has been studied in the 12-day-old, 14-day-old embryos and in neonates of Cm/+ ak/ak genotype. The gene coloboma (Cm) in heterozygous state causes a typical coloboma of the iris and the gene aphakia (ak) blocks the lens development in the homozygotes. It has been shown that in Cm/+ ak/ak mice the eyes go through mainly the same abnormal(More)
The effects of paraorbital +/+ and Mi wh/Mi wh mesenchyme (PM) on melanogenesis of the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) of mouse embryos. The eye anlagen of 10-day-old +/+ and Mi wh/Mi wh mouse embryos were co-cultured in vitro during eight days. All eye anlagen of +/+ genotype without PM cocultured with anlagen of +/+ genotype with PM developed a(More)