Marina V Sazhina

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OBJECTIVE To study the frequency and spectrum of oral manifestations of HIV-infected drug-users in the Perm region. SUBJECTS 104 seropositive HIV-infected drug-users (69 male, 35 female; ages 15 to 32 years; 13 co-infected with hepatitis viruses) and 13 AIDS-infected drug-users (7 male, 6 female; ages 16 to 37 years; 12 co-infected with hepatitis(More)
The eye development has been studied in the 12-day-old, 14-day-old embryos and in neonates of Cm/+ ak/ak genotype. The gene coloboma (Cm) in heterozygous state causes a typical coloboma of the iris and the gene aphakia (ak) blocks the lens development in the homozygotes. It has been shown that in Cm/+ ak/ak mice the eyes go through mainly the same abnormal(More)
Ultrastructure of cells of the outer root sheath (ORS) of the guard hair follicles from the dorsal part of the body of 12-day old we/we and +/+ mice was studied. Changes observed in the ultrastructure of ORS cells in mutant mice included greater vacuolization of the cytoplasm and damaged structure of mitochondria accompanied by the absence of crisis. Many(More)
The durat ion of the per iods of the cel l cycle and the pro l i fe ra t ive pool in the lenses of 1 0 day mouse e m b r y o s homozygous for the fidget and ocular r e t a rda t ion genes were studied by au toradiography with thymidine-H 3. No difference in the durat ion of the individual phases of the cell cycle , the p ro l i fe ra t ive pool, and the(More)