Marina V Borisova

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We studied correlations of the main parameters of evoked EEG potentials (EP) with individual characteristics of attention in children and teenagers. One hundred and one healthy children (dextrals) took part in the tests. Among them, 26 and 30 children were 5 to 7 and 10 to 12 years old, while the third age group included 45 teenagers (15 to 16 years old).(More)
AIM To show the existence of a structural formative role of magnetic fields (MFs) with respect to biological objects by using our proposed model of an acupoint. METHODS We introduced a magnetised 10-100 μT metal rod (needle) into culture dishes with a negatively charged working surface and observed during 24 h how cells were arranged by MFs and by(More)
An athrombogenic material, exhibiting selective proteolytic activity, was developed. The material was obtained after modification of polyethylene by means of the polymer complex containing polyacrylic acid and E-caprolactam. The modified polyethylene was treated with thionyl chloride and then it was maintained in the solution containing streptokinase or(More)
Clinical and morphological evidence obtained for 23 patients with Pickwickian syndrome has been analysed. 18 patients had no other symptoms, 12 patients died of the disease. Standard signs of the syndrome (drowsiness, respiratory distress, diffuse cyanosis, etc.) were not universal, whereas mixed-type respiratory disorders occurred in all the patients as(More)
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