Marina V. Baidakova

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An easy and convenient method for the synthesis of cobalt and magnesium ferrite nanoparticles is demonstrated using liquid foams as templates. The foam is formed from an aqueous mixture of an anionic surfactant and the desired metal ions, where the metal ions are electrostatically entrapped by the surfactant at the thin borders between the foam bubbles and(More)
Nanographene and nanodiamond are new members of nanocarbons, which consist of nano-sized hexagonal and tetrahedral networks, respectively. The presence of edges and surfaces distinguishes nanographene and nanodiamond, respectively, from other nanocarbons owing to their structure dependent electronic features. Nanographene has an unconventional nonbonding(More)
The original goal of this conference series was to discuss the development of modern techniques in X-ray diffraction analysis and the application of these methods to study structural properties of crystalline objects. The conference subject matter has been steadily expanding to include X-ray standing waves, refraction tomography, X-ray reflectometry etc.,(More)
The structure of low-temperature grown GaAs with equidistant δ-layers of Sb and P was studied by analysis of the X-ray curves, which was supported by optical absorption measurements and transmission electron microscopy. The simultaneous fitting of the X-ray reflectivity curve and diffraction ones for GaAs (004) and GaAs (115) crystallographic planes(More)
This article presents the results of research on multi-layered heterostructures by a modified calculation technique of multiple X-ray diffraction. The Al x In1-x Sb heterostructure and a Zn(Mn)Se/GaAs(001) multi-layered system were used as models to specify conditions for cases of coincidental coplanar three-beam or coincidental noncoplanar four-beam X-ray(More)
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