Marina Ueda

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The tail of the dewar of the authors' system has a special shape that makes it possible to measure the brain activity of anyone lying on a bed regardless of head shape or size. It allows the parietal, one side of the temporal and the occipital regions to be measured simultaneously. In the system, 128 axial first-order gradiometers are mounted at intervals(More)
A semi-portable DC-SQUID magnetometer with a liquid helium continuous flow cryostat has been developed. The cryostat is 340 mm long and 50 mm in outer diameter. The pick-up coil is a co-axial, first order, differential type, 20 mm in diameter and 30 mm in baseline. The distance between the pick-up coil and the outer surface of the cryostat is 5 mm. It is(More)
The hydroxyl radical (OH radical) formation rates from the photo-Fenton reaction in river and rain water samples were determined by using deferoxamine mesylate (DFOM), which makes a stable and strong complex with Fe(III), resulting in a suppression of the photo-Fenton reaction. The difference between the OH radical formation rates with and without added(More)
Nb/sub 3/Sn superconductors have been fabricated using Nb/sub 6/Sn/sub 5/ intermediate compound powder synthesized by a melt diffusion process. The mixed powder of Nb/sub 6/Sn/sub 5/ and Nb was encased in a Ta tube, and then fabricated into a tape without intermediate annealing. A Cu sheath with a Ta barrier was also used for the fabrication. The Nb/sub(More)
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